An access control system lets you selectively restrict entry to a physical location—an entire building, individual floors, or specific rooms. The system allows access only to people who can prove they have permission to enter, by:
  • Entering a code on a keypad
  • Holding a fob up to a scanning device
  • Swiping a security card through a reader
  • Using some other type of verification technology, such as biometric- or Bluetooth-enabled controls

The system will not permit access to anyone who can’t provide credentials or authorization.A smart access control system locks out people who should not be around while giving authorized users the freedom to go wherever they need to be.
For example, you can give all your employees access to your building but authorize only IT staff to enter a server room. Everyone in the building can use the elevators, but only those with permission can get on or off at certain floors. This is the “selective” part of access control, and it’s a proven game-changer for businesses that need to protect personnel, sensitive information, expensive systems or valuable inventories.

Access control systems can lock many kinds of entry points, including doors, stairwells, turnstiles, gates and even cabinets. High-tech locking mechanisms are incredibly strong and resistant to physical attack. Unauthorized access attempts can trigger alarms, notify security and management personnel, and perform other tasks to protect your property, employees and customers.
Further, you can manage access with pin-point precision by using access lists, scheduling availability and lockdowns, monitoring traffic in real time, and recording time-stamped video logs showing who uses specific access points and when. Your company can forego the time and expense of changing physical locks when an employee leaves the company; just cancel that person’s credentials and his or her ability to access your facilities no longer exists.

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